Macro Nutrition Coaching

This option is for customers that want a nutrition plan.

Macro Coaching includes:

  • Starting macros calculated to meet your goals
  • Guidance on how to keep a food log
  • Weekly check-ins
  • A sample meal plan
  • Macro adjustments (as needed)


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Online Training

Have a certified personal trainer customize a training program for you that will be delivered right to your smartphone or electronic device–giving you easy access to your workouts at any time and in any location.  Connect with your trainer using in app messaging. Your trainer will monitor your progress and update your plan to fit your changing needs.

$170/ month

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Health Coaching

Have a certified personal trainer provide effective solutions and suggestions on wellness issues. The personal trainer will provide face to face support and education. Connect with your trainer to receive key tools, tips, and strategies to improve overall health, review behavior changes needed to enhance mindset, and  suggest various exercises, mediation or stress reduction techniques. 

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Habit Transformation Coaching

Your habits over time determine who you are in life.  With this program, you will work to break bad nutritional habits while replacing them with good ones to help you see results and reach your goals.

Habit Transformation Coaching includes:

  • Weekly goal setting
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Healthy recipes
  • Nutrition guidance


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