What Should I Eat Before a Workout?

A good pre workout meal can help your body perform better and recover faster after each workout. When you fuel your body properly prior to exercise, it will not only help you maximize your performance, but also minimize the damage to your muscles. Ideally, aim to have a balance meal about 2 - 3 hours … Continue reading What Should I Eat Before a Workout?

Nutrition Hacks- Part 2

Diets don't work. Restrictive meal plans deprive people of foods they enjoy-which is one reason that they fail. If you or a loved one have been on a constant cycle of weight loss and gain--you know exactly what I mean. The following are some tips to help you improve your nutrient intake without completely giving … Continue reading Nutrition Hacks- Part 2

Nutrition Hacks – Part 1

Have you heard of intuitive eating? It is when you only consume food when you are hungry and stop when you feel full. This eating mindset does not restrict certain types of food. Sound easy? Believe me it isn't as simple as it seems. We encounter many emotions-such as sadness, boredom, and anxiety- on a … Continue reading Nutrition Hacks – Part 1