About Me

I am a fitness professional who is very passionate about working with those that are fairly new to fitness.

As a mother of two beautiful girls, I realize how easy it is to become consumed by daily sacrifices that have to be made in order to raise a happy and healthy family.

My goal is to guide women to better able balance family, career, and fitness.

My mission is to empower women through health and fitness. I don’t want to see another strong women feeling as if she’s not enough because she doesn’t see a certain number on the scale or have a specific body shape.I want women to help me shatter the mold that women have been encouraged to cram themselves into. I want women to experience relief and freedom by learning to love and appreciate the QUEENS they are.I want women to see how enjoyable strength training, nutrition, and having a positive mindset can be. Fitness should be an experience that women look forward to doing!

As part of my brand, I refer to all women as Fit Queens. A Fit Queen is a women who strives for a sustainable, lifestyle approach to health and fitness. Their fitness journey enhances their life-it does not dominate it. Fit Queens are in charge of setting their goals and choosing their values.As a Fit Queen, our goal is to chose how we eat and move your body as a way to feel great about ourselves.

A Fit Queens happiness isn’t based on a specific number on a scale or clothing size. Instead, Fit Queens strive to build stronger, healthier bodies that enhance their everyday lives!

Are you ready to begin your journey as a Fit Queen?!