30 Day Mindset Challenge

There are many different methods to weight loss, that beginning your fitness journey can be overwhelming. Each weight loss strategy has its pros and cons, but for any one to really work, you’ve got to get your mind primed for weight loss.

Many people try to lose weight with the mindset that they have to “fix themselves” which is one of the worst states of mind possible. Jumping into diet and exercise programs out of self-deprecation is a recipe for failure.

How many times have you said things like: “I’ll always be fat” ,“I will never lose weight” , “I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing ever works” or even felt “unworthy of the time and energy it would take to commit to a wellness program? This negative mindset can ultimately lead to failure. Your words become your reality. I repeat, YOUR WORDS BECOME YOUR REALITY.

Instead of being obsessed with results and focusing on quick fixes-focus on creating a sustainable lifestyle, better health, and a longer life.

For the next 30 days, I challenge you to train your brain for success. Each day you will repeat these two empowering messages that will help you to speak victory and success into your life. These positive statements will help you to overcome those self sabotaging, negative thoughts.

  1. I am always taking action towards my health and fitness goals.
  2. I am going to eat more of the things that make me feel healthy.

When you repeat these positive statements often, BELIEVE in them, WHILE TAKING ACTION DAILY- you can start to make positive changes.

For example, ways you can take action towards your health and fitness goals is to walk to a destination instead of drive. If that is not an option- park a little further from your destination so you can get some additional steps.

If you know eating the cake and ice cream will make you feel guilty later-DON’T EAT IT. Besides- you are going to eat MORE of the things that make YOU feel healthy–NOT GUILTY.

So who is ready for the 30 Day Mindset Challenge? Comment below if you are in.

Here are a few more positive statements you can add to your tool box:

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